Monday, August 29, 2011

For Better, For Worse

Have you ever heard of Chris Medina? I have never, until one time I saw his name in an Singapore’s TV commercial about a charity event. It was not a memorable TV commercial, tho, but Medina’s name was somehow recorded on my mind.

Time passed by, and one day I found out that my brother posted a video on his Facebook profile, and it was the music video of Chris Medina’s single, titled What Are Words.

I watched that music video… and fell down into tears. That was the time I remember that TV commercial, and I googled about Chris. The following is the story that I gathered from various sources.

Chris Medina is one of American Idol 10 season’s contestants. He made it into top 40 and got eliminated on February 24, 2011. The reason why he became the mos notable contestant during that season is his story with his fiancee, Juliana Ramos (she’s very beautiful, isn’t she?)

Chris and Juliana has been together for eight years until Chris proposed Juliana two years ago (you can see that proposal scene on What Are Words music video below), and they planned to wed soon after.

But… God has another plan.

Juliana got a car accident on October 2, 2009, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. What touched my heart the most was the fact that Chris stood beside Juliana, and has been taking care of her eversince. I mean… he could leave her, couldn’t he? They were “just” engaged, not married yet, Chris is able to pursue a bright future, and no one will blame him if he decided so. I think… even Juliana will understand.

But, as Chris sang in his song, “What kind of guy would I be, if I was to leave when you need me most?”, I am sure that he will keep his promises to Juliana, no matter how Juliana’s condition will be :’)

Anyway, these are the official music video of What Are Words, and the video of Juliana saying thank you for all the support from Chris’ fans.

Eventhough I don’t know them personally, I am glad to pray for them, knowing that the self-sacrificing-for-better-for-worse love like this still exist in a world filled with selfishness. Please, bring them on your prayers also :)


Rina Suryakusuma said...

steph, udah denger :) hiksss sedih ya. Dan salut, ada cowok sesetia itu:)
dan liriknya memang cocok untuk gianny ;)

Stephanie Zen said...

iya Ci, sedih ya.. mana ceweknya cantiiiiik buangetttt! hihi bener, cocok untuk gianny x)

Anastasia said...

ahhh, sedih ya cerita mereka. :(
Keren ada yang setia banget kayak gitu :)

Stephanie Zen said...

iya kak, ternyata masih ada ya yang kayak gitu.. ada di saat ceweknya cantik banget, dan tetap ada di saat ceweknya bahkan nggak bisa ngomong "thank you" :')