Friday, October 7, 2011

The Official Album Cover, Tracklisting, and Sneak Peek of Music Video, Finally!

Finally, Daughtry announced their official album cover and tracklisting of the upcoming new album, Break the Spell!

Me loooove the cover!

And here's the tracklisting for the Deluxe Edition:

1. Renegade
2. Crawling Back To You
3. Outta My Head
4. Start Of Something Good
5. Crazy
6. Break The Spell
7. We’re Not Gonna Fall
8. Gone Too Soon
9. Losing My Mind
10. Rescue Me
11. Louder Than Ever
12. Spaceship

Deluxe Edition Tracks:
13. Who’s They
14. Maybe We’re Already Gone
15. Everything But Me
16. Lullaby

The song titles alone have inspired me to write more scripts! Can't wait untill I can listen to the full tracks! And they're on the making of Crawling Back to You's official music video also! Yeah!

Come quick, November 21st!

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