Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Break the Spell!

So happy!

My favorite band of aaaaaaall time, Daughtry, is going to release their 3rd album this 21st of November! The album's title is Break the Spell!

And they have launched two new singles from this new album: Renegade (will be play only in rock radios in U.S.) and Crawling Back to You.

And, to make me happy even more (yay! Huehehe), Daughtry also contributed on the original soundtrack album of Batman Arkham City game, with a single titled Drown in You. Too bad that this single won't be in Break the Spell album :( Ah, nevermind, there will be LOTS of great songs in that album! :D

Dunno why this new blogger setting couldn't show the video, but you can check the song here.

Aaah, can't wait for November 21st! :D

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