Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

First of all, I wanna say Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate! Hope that you have a blissful and blessed one! :)

Anyway, I celebrated in Singapore with my church' mates! Began with having prata at The Prata House (such an unusual way to celebrate CNY, isn't it? But it was cool! LOL!)

Durian pratta and cheese sausage prata! :9

Eliz, Me, Yovani, Cindy
Audi, Didi, Tara, Daniel

Then we went to our pastor's, Ko Yakub and Ci Yenny's house to have lunch together. These pics were taken on the way from the bus stop to Ko Yakub's home :p

FYI, Ko Yakub is such a great chef, and today he cooked babi rica, ayam kecap, bihun goreng, and fruit salad for us. Yum! Sorry I didn't take the pic, I was too hungry to, hwekeke.

After lunch, we had games. From monopoly deal (geez! I missed my monopoly deal nites on Surabaya!), to sumthin' called killer-spy-police game. Totally fun, tho some of us, who got the role as the killer, were trying to outwit the spies and police :))

He's the killer!

Well, that's my story of this CNY celebration. How about yours? :)

PS: All pics credited to Yovani Turner, a young-talented model, designer, and photographer friend of mine:*


devishanty said...

happy cny!

Stephanie Zen said...

thank you! :D

Rina Suryakusuma said...

Nice picture banget steph. Hihihiii kinda warm our heart just by looking at them :)

Glad you really have a great time with your dear friend :)

Stephanie Zen said...

really great time, Ci :D a picture worth thousand words lol..

Yovani Turner said...

<3 <3 <3 <3

Lia said...

enaaaak ye anak muda, kumpul2 terus. kalo kita mah yg uda punya buntut kudu mikir2 klo mau ngumpul. ini jam anak tidur siang gak? tar rewel lagi. bawain makanan apa nih buat anak, etc.... huahahaha... enjoy your gift of life' dear!

Stephanie Zen said...

@yovani: <3

@ci lia: hihi iya ci, thanks ya.. nanti pun akan datang masa2ku memiliki buntut :p