Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When You're Down

When you’re down,
You feel that you don’t want to live anymore
When you’re at the lowest,
You think you’re the only one who shed tears
When you give your heart to a wrong person,
You ended up blaming yourself and you think,
Maybe you are not good enough for them

God is not blind, He listens, He watches
He knows how you feel, He cries your tears
He might have sent you an angel
To guard you and save you from all fears
God might have a plan to give you the best
In time.. you’ll wait and see, in time...
That someone who gave you tears...?
They don’t deserve you, they’ll see, soon or later

Hang in there, stay alive for those who love you
Your family, your parents, your best friends
You worth much more than that
You are His treasure!
-Cindy Bernadette-

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