Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank You!

Yesterday was my 21st birthday, and I wanna say thank you for all of you who greeted me on Facebook, Friendster, e-mail, by phone, and by SMS. Thanks for all the wishes and prayers. I really appreciate it

And thanks GOD, for pouring me with blessings, love, and joy, for 21 years of my life. I believe that the upcoming years will be much much more wonderful with YOU


rina said...

Steph dear,

sekali lagi, happy birthday ya! May you always be blessed and protected by our Father in heaven. Semoga selalu bahagia dan sehat selalu ( that's the most important things, right?!), semoga belahan jiwa mu cepat datang ya ;-), semoga tulisannya makin oke dan laris manis, dan semoga di semua jalan, Tuhan selalu menyertai, amin.
God bless you, always!

*Gabriella Nerina* said...

Kak, aku juga ngucapin disini deh ^^

Happy 21st birthday, semoga Tuhan selalu memberkati, sehat selalu, banyak rejeki, dan cepet dapet jodohnya *hehehe ^^*


Stephanie Zen said...

ci rina & bibi: makasih banyaaaak buat semua doanya :) amin amin amiiiin. GOD bless you too!